Samuel Untermyer Park & Gardens 


Untermyer Gardens was built from 1912-1915 by prominent attorney Samuel Untermyer, was designed by Beaux Arts architect William Welles Bosworth. Bosworth’s layout and governing principles are Indo-Persian, with Greco-Roman structures and embellishments. The upper garden is surrounded on three sides by a crenulated wall with four reflecting pools representing the four rivers of Paradise. At the northern edge of the Walled Garden, a pair of sphinxes designed by Paul Manship sit atop Iconic columns overlooking a large reflecting pool (stock with aquatic plantings and fish) and a Greek styled amphitheater. The upper garden is home to the Temple of Sky, a  series of Corinthian columns surrounded a mosaic of Medusa. Other main features include the Vista, a series of descending stairs modeled after the Villa D'Este (Lake Como, Italy)leading to two 2,000 year old Roman marble columns and the Temple of Love, a rocky outcropping with cantilevered terraces, winding steps and a rounded temple.